Rehabilitation and division. The reform was carried out for 7 months, the result was surprising, both moldings, borders, flowers of ceiling and wall lamps are they manufactured in work, as well as exact reproduction of double doors in room, all this with the collaboration of the staff’s work, electrician Artero Jesus and the Architect Antonio Zamora.


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December 2013

So we started

  • June / 13

    Ceilings in construction

    Ceilings break for facilities

  • June / 13

    Finished ceilings

    Fertige decken

    Superior lighting throughout the Hall.

  • June / 13


    All The Cornices, moldings and Flowers Were restored on site.

  • June / 13

    Detail of soils

    The floors were rebuilt because we  displace a partition

  • June / 13


    Wardrobes with bottom light to enhance the beauty of the tiles. Tiles gave it gave them shine and applied them a special treatment that eliminates porosity.

  • June / 13

    WC / shower

    We have to buildke a second bathroom,we used micro cement and red slate.

  • June / 13


    Completely renovated, including pipes and drains. We keep the old soil.

  • June / 13


    The kitchen was located in a room. For this kitchen tiles has not been used on the walls, but if given a treatment to exposed brick walls.

  • June / 13

    Dining room

    Making and opening  on the the septum allowed us to place a double slide, made exactly to the original